IP Forum 2011


Time: August 13, 2011 / 10:30am ~ 12:10pm


Location: Painted Horse, Park City, Utah






Opening Remark

Forum Chair: Paul T. Lee, President, KorusIP (Korea-Us IP Foundation)

10:40am- 10:55am

“Evolution of IP environment: Promoting KORUS Innovation & Trade”

Kuiwou Kwun

10:55am- 11:10am

“IP Trend & Technology Transfer at KIPA”

Jonghyub Choi

11:10am- 11:25am

“The growth of IPR Creation, Production and Enforcement in Korea”

ManKum Lee

11:25am- 11:40am

Practical Use of patent information in R&D Process

Paige Kim

11:40am- 11:55am

Invention Capital for R&D and Biz. Development

Sang K. Yun

11:55am- 12:10pm

Automotive Fuel Efficiency Increase

Julius J. Rim


▣ Speakers


Forum Chair: Paul T. Lee (President, Korea-Us IP Foundation)


1. Kuiwou Kwun (Embassy of the Republic of Korea)

- Presenter Name: Kuiwou Kwun

- Title: Counselor in Intellectual Property Affairs

- Affiliation: Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington D.C.

- Presentation Title: Evolution of IP environment: Promoting KORUS Innovation & Trade


2. Jonghyub Choi (KIPA)

- Presenter Name: Jonghyub Choi

- Title: President - Affiliation: Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA)

- Presentation Title: IP Trend & Technology Transfer at KIPA


3. Mankum Lee (KIPO)

- Presenter Name: Mankum Lee

- Title: Patent Examiner

- Affiliation: KOREAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (KIPO) / Electric Examination Division

- Presentation Title: The Growth of IPR Creation, Protection and Enforcement in Korea


4. Paige Kim (WIPS)

- Presenter Name: Paige Kim

- Title: Manager

- Affiliation: Overseas sales team, WIPS Co., Ltd.

- Presentation Title: Practical Use of Patent Information in R&D Process


5. Sang K. YUN (Intellectual Discovery)

- Presenter Name: Sang K. YUN

- Title: Exe. Vice President

- Affiliation: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

- Presentation Title: Invention Capital for R&D and Biz. Development


6. Julius J. Rim (CTO, IMET, Ltd. / GP-Energy, Llc. / Plasber,Inc.)

- Presenter Name: Julius J. Rim

- Title: Chairman

- Affiliation: CTO, IMET, Ltd. / GP-Energy, Llc. / Plasber,Inc.

- Presentation Title: Automotive Fuel Efficiency Increase

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